S. F Forrest

LORD, I yield, for Thou has conquered;

Often as I fight, I fail;

Now to Thee I yield me wholly,

That in me Thou may’st prevail:

Time and talents, plans and pleasures

Teach me, Lord, to yield them all;

Thou shalt have Thy way, dear Master,

Only make me heed Thy call.


Lord, I claim Thy promised blessing,

Fulness of Thy Spirit’s power;

Only for Thine own blest service,

Lord, on me Thy Spirit shower:

Fill me, Lord, with Thine own fulness,

That I may a channel be;

Ever passing on to others

All that Thou dost give to me.


Lord, I thank Thee for the greatness

Of Thy love’s unfailing spring;

Let my heart be always singing

Everywhere, for everything:

Only for Thy glory living,

Serving Thee in humblest ways;

Keep me, Lord, Thy heart from grieving;

Teach me, Lord, to live Thy praise.


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