T. Monod


I HAVE found, I have found the way

Which leads to heavenly rest;

I have found, I have found the peace

Which filled my Saviour’s breast.

O friends in the desert past,

Come, join in prayer and praise;

E’en now He waits our cry,

The Saviour who saves always.


He hath taken our sins away,

When on Calvary’s cross He bled;

The disease of our soul He heals

By His Spirit freely shed;

Though Satan hath pierced us deep,

And great the grace each prays;

The more we prove His might,

The Saviour who saves always.


Long, alas! in the gloom I fought,

’Mid strife of wind and waves;

Jesus seemed only this to me:

A Saviour who sometimes saves.

But sweet are the light and calm

That fill my happy days,

Since now I fully trust

The Saviour who saves always.


O my Sun and my Shield art Thou!

Lead on where Thou hast trod;

My Salvation, my Joy, my Song,

My Brother, and yet my God.

Whate’er then my life betide,

I now can trust and praise;

Each moment Thou wilt save,

O Saviour who sav’st always.


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