A. W. Marston


O LORD, I come to Thee,

Thou knowest all my state;

My heart is longing so for rest,

No longer can I wait.


Thou knowest all my sin;

How I, Thy ransomed one,

Have gone the way my heart desired,

And left Thy will undone.


Lord, Thou canst work in me

The will to do Thy will;

And Thou canst work in me to work,

Thy pleasure to fulfil.


In utter lack of strength

Into Thine arms I fall;

For if Thou dost not hold me up,

I cannot stand at all.


Thine everlasting arms

Will never let me go;

The arms of Him who fainteth not

Can never weary grow.


Lord, Thou wilt take me now;

I trust myself to Thee,

That as Thy will is done in heaven

It may be done in me.


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