Servus Dei

SAVIOUR, to Thee my all I now surrender,

Thine, altogether, Thine alone to be;

For Thou hast ransomed, purchased, and redeemed me

With Thy heart’s blood, upon th’ accursed tree.


To pay my debt I see Thee bruised and bleeding,

The spotless Lamb, to bear my sin and shame:

O Saviour, long have I withstood Thy pleading,

Too long withheld from Thee Thy lawful claim.


Take all I have, my life, my health, my talents,

And consecrate them to Thy service sweet;

‘Twas from Thy hand they came: behold, I lay them,

A grateful tribute, at Thy sacred feet.


Oh, teach me how to tell the wondrous story

Of Thy great love, to sinners far and wide;

To live, to speak, to labour for Thy glory,

The glory of a Saviour crucified!


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