S. Stennett


MAJESTIC sweetness sits enthroned

Upon the Saviour’s brow;

His head with radiant glories crowned,

His lips with grace o’erflow,

His lips with grace o’erflow.


No mortal can with Him compare,

Among the sons of men;

Fairer is He than all the fair

That fill the heavenly train,

That fill the heavenly train.


He saw me plunged in deep distress,

He flew to my relief;

For me He bore the shameful cross

And carried all my grief,

And carried all my grief.


To Him I owe my life and breath,

And all the joys I have;

He makes me triumph over death,

And saves me from the grave.

And saves me from the grave.


Since from His bounty I receive

Such proofs of love divine,

Had I a thousand hearts to give,

Lord, they should all be Thine,

Lord, they should all be Thine.


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