C. Wesley

THOU hidden source of calm repose,

Thou all-sufficient love divine;

My help and refuge from my foes,

Secure I am, if Thou art mine:

From sin and grief, from guilt and shame:

I hide me, Jesus, in Thy name.


Thy mighty name salvation is,

And keeps my happy soul above;

Comfort it brings, and power and peace,

And joy and everlasting love:

To me, with Thy dear name, are given

Pardon and holiness and heaven.


Jesus, my all in all Thou art,

My rest in toil, mine ease in pain;

The med’cine of my broken heart;

In war, my peace; in loss, my gain:

My smile beneath thy tyrant’s frown;

In shame, my glory and my crown.


In want, my plentiful supply;

In weakness, mine almighty power;

In bonds, my perfect liberty;

My light in Satan’s darkest hour;

In grief, my joy unspeakable;

My life in death; my heaven, my all.


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