J. Woodfall

MY life is Thine, Lord Jesus,

Bought with Thy blood Divine,

And given to Thee with gladness,

No longer mine, but Thine.

My heart is Thine, my Saviour,

Not part, but all Thine own;

Oh, it is sweet to know that there

Thou has Thy royal throne.


My body I have yielded,

A sacrifice to be,

Oh, keep me pure and holy, Lord!

A temple meet for Thee.

My members, too, are Thine, Lord;

To Thee I all resign;

Then use them for Thy glory now,

And give Thy life through mine.


My house is Thine, Lord Jesus,

And all that I possess;

Use it for whatsoe’er Thou wilt,

Thou comest but to bless.

The gold that came from Thee, Lord,

To Thee belongeth still;

Oh, may I always faithfully

My stewardship fulfil.


Yea, everything is Thine, Lord,

Let this my portion be,

That I have nothing of my own,

And yet have all in Thee.

And make my life, Lord Jesus,

Brightly for Thee to shine:

That word and deed, that look and tone,

May witness I am Thine.


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