Author Unknown

WHO will go to rear the standard

Of the cross in heathen lands,

Where the people sit in darkness,

Bound by superstition’s bands?

Who will leave their friends and country,

Bid adieu to earthly bliss,

Yield their lives a willing offering

To so great a work as this?


Who will go to Afric’s center,

Tell the Ethiop there’s a God,

Point him to the crimson fountain

Of a Savior’s cleansing blood?

Who will climb the Rocky Mountains,

Through the western forests stray,

Where thick gloom and pagan darkness

Long have held unrivaled sway?


Oh! for Paul’s denying spirit,

For his missionary zeal;

And the perfect love of Jesus,

Every Christian heart to fill:

Then the earth would soon be covered

With the knowledge of the Lord,

And the far-off isles of ocean

Soon would all receive His word.


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