Mrs. E. W. Griswold

“FAINT, yet pursuing,” we press our way

Up to the glorious gates of day;

Following Him who has gone before,

Over the path to the brighter shore.

“Faint, yet pursuing,” from day to day,

Over the sure and the blood-marked way;

Strengthen and keep us, O Saviour, Friend,

Ever pursuing, unto life’s end.


“Faint, yet pursuing,” whate’er befall,

He who has died for us, died for all;

So should they come, as a mighty throng

Bearing His banner aloft with song.


“Faint, yet pursuing,” till eventide,

Under the cross of the Crucified;

Knowing, when darkly are skies o’ercast,

Sorrow and sighing will end at last.


“Faint, yet pursuing,” the eye afar

Sees through the darkness the Morning Star,

Shedding its ray for the weary feet,

Keeping the way, to the golden street.


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