F. R. Havergal

I LOVE, I love my Master,

I will not go out free,

For He is my Redeemer;

He paid the price for me.

I would not leave His service,

It is so sweet and blest;

And in the weariest moments

He gives the truest rest.


My Master shed His life-blood

My vassal life to win,

And save me from the bondage

Of tyrant self and sin.

He chose me for His service,

And gave me power to choose

That blessed, perfect freedom,

Which I shall never lose.


I would not halve my service,

His only it must be!

His only, Who so loved me,

And gave Himself for me,

Rejoicing and adoring,

Henceforth my song shall be,

I love, I love my Master,

I will not go out free.


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