NEVER be afraid to speak for Jesus,

Think how much a word can do;

Never be afraid to own your Saviour,

Him who loves and cares for you.

Never be afraid, never be afraid,

Never, never, never;

Jesus is your loving Saviour;

Therefore never be afraid.


Never be afraid to work for Jesus

In His vineyard day by day;

Labor with a kind and willing spirit,

He will all your toil repay.


Never be afraid to bear for Jesus,

Keen reproaches when they fall;

Patiently endure your every trial,

Jesus meekly bore them all.


Never be afraid to live for Jesus;

If you on His care depend,

Safely shall you pass through every trial,

He will bring you to the end.


Never be afraid to die for Jesus;

He, the life, the truth, the way,

Gently in His arms of love will bear you

To the realms of endless day.


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