E. E. Hewitt

“FEAR not, I am with thee;”

Blessed golden ray,

Like a star of glory,

Lighting up my way.

Through the clouds of midnight,

This bright promise shone,

I will never leave thee,

Never will leave thee alone.

No, never alone,

No, never alone;

He promised never to leave me,

Never to leave me alone.


Roses fade around me,

Lilies bloom and die,

Earthly sunbeams vanish,

Radiant still the sky.

Jesus, Rose of Sharon,

Blooming for His own,

Jesus, heaven’s sunshine,

Never will leave me alone.


Steps unseen before me,

Hidden dangers near;

Nearer still my Saviour,

Whispering, “Be of cheer;”

Joys, like birds of spring-time,

To my heart have flown,

Singing all so sweetly,

He will not leave me alone.


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