G. C. Wells

If I in Thy likeness, O Lord, may awake,

And shine a pure image of Thee,

Then I shall be satisfied when I can break

These fetters of flesh and be free.

I know this stained tablet must first be washed white

To let Thy bright features be drawn,

I know I must suffer the darkness of night

To welcome the coming of dawn.


Then I shall be satisfied when I can cast

The shadows of nature all by,

When this cold, dreary world from my vision is past,

To let this soul open her eye.

I gladly shall feel the blest morn drawing near,

When time’s dreary fancy shall fade,

If then in Thy likeness I may but appear,

And rise with thy beauty arrayed.


To see Thee in glory, O Lord, as Thou art,

From this mortal and perishing clay

The spirit immortal in peace would depart,

And joyous mount up her bright way

When on Thine won image in me Thou hast smiled,

Within Thy blest mansions, and when

The arms of my Father encircle His child,

O, I shall be satisfied then.


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