G. R. H. Wood

RIVERS of living water,

Rivers that flow from the throne.

Rivers o’erflowing with blessing,

Coming from Jesus alone.

Rivers of living water,

Rivers of life so free,

Flowing from Thee, my Saviour—

Send now the rivers through me.


Whoso is thirsty come hither,

Here is abundant supply;

Water transparent as crystal,

Come without money and buy.


Cleanse me, oh, cleanse me, my Saviour,

Make me a channel today;

Empty me, fill me and use me,

Teach me to trust and obey!


Then, and then only, Lord Jesus,

Through me the rivers can flow:

Thus and thus only will others

Learn Thy great fulness to know.


Now I surrender to Jesus,

Here I lay all at His feet;

Anything anywhere only,

Just for His service made meet!


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