S. T. Francis

I AM waiting for the dawning

Of the bright and blessed day,

When the darksome night of sorrow

Shall have vanished far away:

When, forever with the Saviour,

Far beyond this vale of tears,

I shall swell the song of worship

Through the everlasting years.


I am looking at the brightness

See, it shineth from afar;

Of the clear and joyous beaming

Of the bright and morning Star.

Through the dark grey mist of morning

Do I see its glorious light;

Then away with every shadow

Of this sad and weary night.


I am waiting for the coming

Of the Lord who died for me;

Oh, His words have thrilled my spirit,

“I will come again for thee.”

I can almost hear His footfall,

On the threshold of the door,

And my heart, my heart is longing

To be with Him evermore.


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