J. Rowe


IN sorrow I wandered, my spirit opprest,

But now I am happy―securely I rest;

From morning till evening glad carols I sing,

And this is the reason: I walk with the King.

I walk with the King, hallelujah!

I walk with the King, praise His name!

No longer I roam, my soul faces home,

I walk and I talk with the King.


For years in the fetters of sin I was bound,

The world could not help me―no comfort I found;

But now like the birds and the sunbeams of Spring,

I’m free and rejoicing―I walk with the King.


O soul near despair in the lowlands of strife,

Look up and let Jesus come into your life;

The joy of salvation to you He would bring:

Come into the sunlight and walk with the King.


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