MASTER, I have heard Thee pleading

With mine inmost soul tonight;

Now Thy solemn message heeding,

I would end the fight:

Vainly hath my soul been struggling

With the tyrant on its throne;

Now, dear Lord, the kingdom taking,

Claim me Thine alone.

Jesus, Master, search me, prove me,

With Thy fire, O try my heart:

All I am and have I yield, Lord;

All I needThou art.


Spirit, soul, and body yielding

Willingly to Thee, my Lord;

What I give Thou now art taking:

I believe Thy Word.

Yes! I trust Thee as my Keeper,

‘Mid temptations day by day,

Trust Thee as my Guide and Leader

In the narrow way.


Now, henceforth, Lord, and forever,

I am Thine; yes, all for Thee;

Thine in service, or in suffering,

Choose my path for me.

Peace and joy my heart are filling;

Rest beyond all power to tell,

This my ever deepening portion

While in Thee I dwell.


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