R. Deck

I TAKE Thy promise, Lord, in all its length,

And breadth and fulness, as my daily trength,

Into life’s future fearless I may gaze,

For, Jesus, Thou art with me all the days.


Days may be coming fraught with loss and change,

New scenes surround my life and fancies strange;

I thank Thee that no day can ever break,

Saviour, when Thou wilt leave me or forsake.


There may be days of darkness and distress,

When sin has power to tempt, and care to press,

Yet in the darkest day I will not fear,

For, ‘mid the shadows, Thou wilt still be near.


Days there may be of joy, and deep delight,

When earth seems fairest, and her skies most bright,

Then draw me closer to Thee, lest I rest

Elsewhere, my Saviour, than upon Thy breast.


And all the other days that make my life,

Marked by no special joy or grief or strife,

Days filled with quiet duties, trivial care,

Burdens too small for other hearts to share;


Spend Thou these days with me, all shall be Thine,

So shall the darkest hour with glory shine.

Then when these earthly years have passed away,

Let me be with Thee in the perfect day.


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