J. D. Burns


AS helpless as a child who clings

Fast to his father’s arm,

And casts his weakness on the strength

That keeps him safe from harm;


So I, my Father, cling to Thee,

And thus I, every hour,

Would link my earthly feebleness

To Thine almighty power.


As trustful as a child who looks

Up in his mother’s face,

And all his little griefs and fears

Forgets in her embrace;


So I, to Thee, my Saviour, look,

And in Thy face divine

Can read the love that will sustain

As weak a faith as mine.


As loving as a child who sits

Close by his parent’s knee,

And knows no want while he can have

That sweet society;


So, sitting at Thy feet, my heart

Would all its love outpour,

And pray that Thou would’st teach me, Lord,

To love Thee more and more.


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