C. Wesley


URGE on your rapid course,

Ye blood-besprinkled bands;

The heavenly kingdom suffers force;

’Tis seized by violent hands:

See there the starry crown

That glitters through the skies!

Satan, the world, and sin, tread down,

And take the glorious prize!


Through much distress and pain,

Through many a conflict here,

Through blood, ye must the entrance gain,

Yet, oh disdain to fear:

“Courage,” your Captain cries,

(Who all your toil foreknew,)

“Toil ye shall have, yet all despise,

I have o’ercome for you.”


The world can not withstand

Its ancient Conqueror:

The world must sink beneath the Hand

Which arms us for the war:

This is the victory,

Before our faith they fall;

Jesus hath died for you and me

Believe, and conquer all!


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