S. T. Francis

HARK! The voice of love and mercy

Sounds aloud from Calvary!

See, it rends the rocks asunder—

Shakes the earth and veils the sky!

“It is finished! It is finished!”

Hear the dying Saviour cry.


It is finished! Oh what pleasure

Do these precious words afford!

Heavenly blessings, without measure,

Flow to us from Christ, the Lord;

It is finished! It is finished!

Saints, the dying words record.


Finished all the types and shadows

Of the ceremonial law;

Finished all that God had promised,

Death and hell no more shall awe:

It is finished! It is finished!

Saints, from hence your comforts draw.


Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs,

Join to sing the pleasing theme;

All on earth and all in heaven,

Join to praise Immanuel’s name:

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Glory to be the bleeding Lamb!


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