N. A. Mc Aulay; M. Frazer


SHALL I empty handed be

When beside the crystal sea

I shall stand before the everlasting throne?

Must I have a heart of shame

As I answer to my name,

With no works that my Redeemer there can own?


What regret must then be mine

When I meet my Lord divine,

If I’ve wasted all the talents He doth lend,

If no soul to me can say,

“I am glad you passed my way;

For ’twas you who told me of the sinner’s Friend.”


If my gratitude I’ll show

Unto Him Who loves me so,

Let me labor till the evening shadows fall;

That some little gift of love

I may bear to realms above,

And not empty handed be when comes the call.


When the harvest days are past,

Shall I hear Him say at last,

“Welcome toiler, I’ve prepared for thee a place?”

Shall I bring Him golden sheaves,

Ripened fruit, not faded leaves,

When I see the blessed Savior face to face?


When the books are opened wide,

And the deeds of all are tried,

May I have a record whiter than the snow;

When my race on earth is run,

May I hear Him say, “Well done,

Take the crown that love immortal doth bestow.”


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