J Burton

SAVIOUR, while my heart is tender,

I would yield that heart to Thee,

All my powers to Thee surrender,

Thine, and only Thine, to be.


Take me now, Lord Jesus, take me;

Let my youthful heart be Thine,

Thy devoted servant make me;

Fill my soul with love divine.


Send me, Lord, where Thou wilt send me,

Only do Thou guide my way,

May Thy grace through life attend me,

Gladly then shall I obey.


Let me do Thy will or bear it;

I would know no will but Thine:

Shouldst Thou take my life or spare it,

I that life to Thee resign.


Thine I am, O Lord, forever,

To Thy service set apart;

Suffer me to leave Thee never;

Seal Thine image on my heart.


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