H. H. Booth


LORD, through the Blood of the Lamb that was slain,

Cleansing for me,

From all the guilt of my sins now I claim

Cleansing from Thee,

Sinful and black though the past may have been,

Many the crushing defeats I have seen,

Yet on Thy promise, O Lord, now I lean,

Cleansing for me.


From all the doubts that have filled me with gloom,

Cleansing for me,

From all the fears that would point me to doom,

Cleansing for me.

Jesus, although I may not understand,

In childlike faith now I put forth my hand,

And through Thy Word and Thy grace I shall stand

Cleansed by Thee.


From all the care of what men think or say,

Cleansing for me,

From ever fearing to speak, sing, or pray,

Cleansing for me.

Lord, in Thy love and Thy power make me strong,

That all may know that to Thee I belong;

When I am tempted let this be my song—

Cleansing for me.


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