J. Stuart Holden

THROUGH the noise of earth’s ten thousand voices,

Songs of joy and din of busy mart,

Comes a sound to which thine ear must hearken,

’Tis the Saviour knocking at thy heart.


Marred His face, though glorious His apparel,

Scarred His hand and thorn-crowned is His brow,

As thy Saviour He on Calvary suffered,

As thy King He cometh to thee now.


Listen to His tender, gracious pleading,

Words of love and promises divine,

Joys unknown by hearts to Him unyielded,

Love to satisfy the needs of thine.


Every need so fully met in Jesus,

Not a longing that He will not fill,

Not a burden but His grace will lighten,

Not a storm but His own peace will still.


As thy King He’ll give thee royal bounty,

Thy poor cup shall overflow its brim;

Thou shalt know on earth the bliss of heaven,

When thy heart is opened unto Him.


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