W.E. Crafts

I STAND all bewildered with wonder,

And gaze on the ocean of love,

And over the waves to my spirit

Comes peace, like a heavenly dove.

The cross now covers my sins,

The past is under the blood;

I’m trusting in Jesus for all,

My will is the will of my God.


I struggled and wrestled to win it,

The blessing that setteth me free;

But when I had ceased from my struggles,

His peace Jesus gave unto me.


He laid His hand on me, and healed me,

And bade me be every whit whole,

I touched the hem of His garment,

And glory came thrilling my soul.


The Prince of my Peace is now passing,

The light of His face is on me;

But listen, beloved, He speaketh:

“My peace I will give unto thee.”


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