W. T. Matson


LORD, I was blind; I could not see

In Thy marred visage any grace,

But now the beauty of Thy face

In radiant vision dawns on me.


Lord, I was deaf; I could not hear

The thrilling music of Thy voice:

But now I hear Thee and rejoice,

And all Thy uttered words are dear!


Lord, I was dumb; I could not speak

The grace and glory of Thy name;

But now, as touched with living flame,

My lips Thine eager praises wake.


Lord, I was dead; I could not stir

My lifeless soul to come to Thee:

But now, since Thou has quickened me,

I rise from sin’s dark sepulchre.


For Thou hast made the blind to see,

The deaf to hear, the dumb to speak,

The dead to live; and, lo, I break

The chains of my captivity.


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