E. M. Grimes

“WITH one accord” within an upper room

The faithful followers of Jesus met:

One was the hope of every waiting soul,

And on one object great each heart was set.

O Lord, send the power just now,

O Lord, send the power just now;

O Lord, send the power just now,

And baptize everyone.


“With one accord,” until the mighty gift

Of pentecostal power was outpoured;

Then forth as witnesses possessed of God,

To preach the resurrection of the Lord!


“With one accord” within the house of God

A hallelujah song is daily raised,

As with the voice of one, from vocal


Jehovah’s name is glorified and praised.


Pour down Thy Spirit once again, dear Lord;

Our cry goes up to Thee for “latter rain”;

Unite Thy people as the “heart of one,”

And pentecostal days shall come again!


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