J. Perry


I KNOW of a Name,

A beautiful Name,

That angels brought down to earth;

They whispered it low,

One night long ago,

To a maiden of lowly birth.

That beautiful Name,

That beautiful Name,

From sin has power to free us!

That beautiful Name,

That wonderful Name,

That matchless Name is Jesus!


I know of a Name,

A beautiful Name,

That unto a Babe was given;

The stars glittered bright

Throughout that glad night,

And angels praised God in heaven.


The One of that Name,

My Saviour became,

My Saviour of Calvary;

My sins nailed Him there,

My burdens He bare,

He suffered all this for me.


I love that blessed Name,

That wonderful Name,

Made higher than all in heaven;

’Twas whispered, I know,

In my heart long ago―

To Jesus my life I’ve given.


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