W. T. Matson


O BLESSED Life—the heart at rest

When all without tumultuous seems,

That trusts a higher Will, and deems

That higher Will, not mine, the best.


O blessed Life, the mind that sees,

Whatever change the years may bring,

A mercy still in everything,

And shining through all mysteries.


O blessed Life, the soul that soars,

When sense of mortal sight is dim,

Beyond the sense, beyond to Him

Whose love unlocks the heavenly doors.


O blessed Life, heart, mind, and soul,

From self-born aims and wishes free,

In all at one with Deity,

And loyal to the Lord’s control.


O Life, how blessed, how divine,

High Life, the earnest of a higher:

Saviour, fulfil my deep desire,

And let this blessed Life be mine.


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