F. Bottome


O THOU exalted Son of God

High seated on Thy Father’s throne!

The gifts, the purchase of Thy blood,

To us Thy waiting saints make known.


Come, Holy Ghost, all-sacred Fire!

Come, fill Thy earthly temples now;

Emptied of every base desire,

Reign Thou within, and only Thou.


Thy sovereign right, Thy gracious claim,

To every thought and every power;

Our lives, to glorify Thy name,

We yield Thee in this sacred hour.


Fill every chamber of the soul;

Fill all our thoughts, our passions fill;

Till under Thy supreme control

Submissive rest our cheerful will.


’Tis done; Thou dost this moment come;

My longing soul is all Thine own;

My heart is Thy abiding home;

Henceforth I live for Thee alone.


The altar sanctifies the gift;

The blood insures the boon divine;

My outstretched hands to heaven I lift,

And claim the Father’s promise mine.


Now rise, exulting rise, my soul,

Triumphant sing the Saviour’s praise;

His name through earth and skies extol

With all thy power through all thy days.


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