J. Hausman; M. D. Lange, Tr.


TAKE Thou my hands and lead me

Along life’s way,

Until earth’s night is banished

By radiant day.

I would not take a single step

Apart from Thee;

Where Thou dost walk or tarry,

There let me be.


Within Thy grace so tender

I would abide.

Thy perfect peace my portion

Whate’er betide

I kneel, dear Lord, before Thee,


Thy helpless child would trust

Though it cannot see.


I may not glimpse Thy footprints,

Nor feel Thy power,

Yet Thou dost draw me goal-ward

Though dark the hour.

Then, take my hands and lead me,

Through storm-swept night,

Till earth’s devious ways have ended,

In heaven’s pure delight.


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