WE will dwell on Calvary’s mountain,

Where the flocks of Zion feed;

Oft resort unto that fountain

Opened where our Lord did bleed;

Thence deriving

Grace and strength for every need


There with trimmed lamps we’ll tarry

Till the Lord comes from on high;

Watch in prayer, and ne’er grow weary,

Till we hear the midnight cry,

Hast to meet Him,

Lo! the Bridegroom draweth nigh!


Lord, Thy other sheep are calling:

Send us with a message clear;

May we gladly hasten forward,

To obey Thy voice so dear,

Go ye therefore,

I am with you, have no fear.


Dare we let them die in darkness,

When we have the light of God,

And the life which has been purchased

With the Saviour’s precious blood?

Seek to win them,

Win them back through Christ to God.


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