R. Halverson

ARE you in the arena

Are you giving your all?

Are your eyes fixed on Jesus?

Have you answered His call?

Are you headed for heaven?

Are you running to win?

Have you laid aside weights?

And your besetting sin?

I have fought a good fight.

I’ve finished my race.

I have hung on to faith and I shall see His face.

I look for His coming,

Though all turn away.

My eyes are toward Jesus, toward Jesus today.


The world e’er is calling

The sirens do cry,

Entanglements threaten

To obscure the eye.

But a highway’s been carved

Through this wilderness wild.

It’s a safe road of travel

For God’s trusting child.


Yes, God wants a soldier

May no soft way enchain

To prevent you from rising

When He calleth your name.

To go forth in His service

Though with suffering and pain,

Nothing’s too dear for Jesus

Who for me once was slain.


Now singing’s for victors

So sing out we must

For our Jesus has triumphed

In Him do we trust.

He’s marked out our course,

O’er our lives His cross reigns,

To win all we must lose all,

Faith, the victory obtains.


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