J. M. Wigner

COME to the Saviour now!

He gently calleth thee;

In true repentance bow,

Before Him bend the knee:

He waiteth to bestow

Salvation, peace, and love,

True joy on earth below,

A home in heaven above.


Come to the Saviour now!

Gaze on that cleansing tide―

Water and blood that flow

Forth from His wounded side.

Hark to the suffering One:

“’Tis finished!” now He cries:

Redemption’s work is done,

Then bows His head and dies.


Come to the Saviour now!

He suffered all for thee;

And in His merits thou

Hast an unfailing plea:

No vain excuses frame,

For feelings do not stay;

None who to Jesus came

Were ever sent away.


Come to the Saviour, all!

Whate’er your burdens be;

Hear now His loving call

“Cast all your care on Me.”

Come, and for every grief

In Jesus you will find

A sure and safe relief,

A loving Friend and kind.


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