J G. Whittier


WE may not climb the heavenly steeps

To bring the Lord Christ down;

In vain we search the lowest deeps

For Him who fills heaven’s throne.


But to the contrite spirit yet

A present help is He;

And faith has yet its Olivet,

And love its Galilee.


The healing of His seamless dress

Is by our beds of pain;

We touch Him in life’s throng and press,

And we are whole again.


Through Him the first fond prayers are said,

Our lips of childhood frame,

The last low whispers of our dead

Are burdened with His name.


O Lord and Saviour of us all,

Whate’er our name or sign,

We own Thy sway, we hear Thy call,

And form our lives by Thine.


We faintly hear, we dimly see,

In differing phrase we pray;

But, dim or clear, we own in Thee

The Life, the Truth, the Way.


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