H. Bonar

PRAISE, praise ye the name of Jehovah, our God;

Declare, oh, declare ye His glories abroad;

Proclaim ye His mercy, from nation to nation,

Till the uttermost islands have heard His salvation.

For His love floweth on, free and full as a river;

And His mercy endureth forever and ever.


Praise, praise ye the Lamb, who for sinners was slain;

Who went down to the grave, and ascended again;

And who soon shall return, when these dark days are o’er,

To set up His kingdom, in glory and power.


Then the heavens and the earth, and the sea shall rejoice;

The field and the forest shall lift their glad voice;

The sands of the desert shall flourish in green,

And Lebanon’s glory be shed o’er the scene.


Her bridal attire, and her festal array,

All nature shall wear on the glorious day;

For her King cometh down, with His people to reign,

And His presence shall bless her with Eden again.


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