J. N. Darby

O EYES that are weary and hearts that are sore,

Look off unto Jesus, and sorrow no more;

The light of His countenance shineth so bright,

That on earth as in heaven there need be no night.


Looking off unto Jesus, my eyes cannot see

The troubles and dangers that throng around me;

They cannot be blinded with sorrowful tears;

They cannot be shadowed with unbelief fears.


Looking off unto Jesus, my spirit is blest;

In the world I have turmoil, in Him I have rest;

The sea of my life all about me may roar;

When I look unto Jesus, I hear it no more.


Looking off unto Jesus, I go not astray;

My eyes are on Him and He shows me the way;

The path may seem dark as He leads me along,

But following Jesus, I cannot go wrong.


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