IN glory bright He’ll come again,

Who in our stead endured the pain,

And was the Lamb for sinners slain:

The Lord will come again.


Ye saints of God, for whom He died,

In faith, and hope, and love abide,

As rocks unmoved ’mid swelling tide

Until He come.


Stand, soldier, stand: the battle’s roar

In that great day shall sound no more;

Then face the foe, and ne’er give o’er,

Until He come.


Toil, workman, toil, thy gracious Lord

Will give thee soon a full reward:

Then toil, obedient to His Word,

Until He come.


Sing, pilgrim, sing; Christ’s mighty hand

Will bring thee safe to that bright land:

Then sing; it is thy Lord’s command,

Until He come.


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