OH, why do you carry your burden alone,

That burden of sorrow and care?

Since Jesus is saying in tenderest tone,

“Yourself and your burden I’ll bear.”

Come, cast all thy care on Jesus,

O weary and troubled soul;

Come, cast all thy care upon Him-

He wants not apart but the whole.


Go tell Him your trouble, He’ll give you relief,

If on Him you’ll only depend;

To cries of His children He’ll never be deaf,

If only in faith they ascend.


If sickness distress you, or pain, He will heal,

Or else give you strength to endure,

To Jesus who suffered, then fervently kneel,

And trustingly ask Him to cure.


Then go to Him always, whatever befall,

Of sickness of sorrow or sin;

Tell Jesus your trouble, and tell to Him all,

And then let your praises begin.


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