I. Watts

THE Lord Jehovah reigns,

His throne is built on high;

The garments He assumes

Are light and majesty:

His glories shine with beams so bright,

No mortal eye can bear the sight.


The thunders of His hand

Keep the wide world in awe;

His wrath and justice stand

To guard His holy law;

And where His love resolves to bless,

His truth confirms and seals the grace.


Through all His mighty works

Amazing wisdom shines;

Confounds the powers of hell,

And all their dark designs;

Strong is His arm, and shall fulfill

His great decrees and sovereign will.


And will this sovereign King

Of glory condescend;

And will He write His name,

My Father and my Friend?

I love His name, I love His Word;

Join all my powers to praise the Lord.


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