NOW be the gospel banner

In every land unfurled,

And be the shout Hosanna

Re-echoed through the world:

Till every isle and nation,

Till every tribe and tongue,

Receive the great salvation,

And join the happy throng.


What though th’ embattled legions

Of earth and hell combine,

His arm throughout their regions

Shall soon resplendent shine:

Ride on, O Lord, victorious!

Immanuel, Prince of Peace!

Thy triumph shall be glorious;

Thy empire still increase.


Yes, Thou shalt reign forever,

O Jesus, King of kings!

Thy light, Thy love, Thy favor

Each ransomed captive sings:

The isles for Thee are waiting,

The deserts learn Thy praise,

The hills and valleys greeting,

The song responsive raise.


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