J M.

THRICE-blessed Spirit! Giver of salvation,

Purchased by Jesus on the cross of shame;

Dwell in our hearts; transform them with Thy beauty—

Fairest adorning of our Saviour’s name.


Thy sevenfold grace bestow upon us freely:

Love, deep and full, to God and all mankind;

Joy in the Lord, ’mid every earthly sorrow;

Peace, calm and sweet, that guardeth heart and mind.


Make us long-suffering, ’mid earth’s provocations,

Gentleness give us, when enduring wrong;

Goodness impart, that we e’en foes may succour;

Faithfulness grant, to change our toil to song.


Meekness bestow, with humble self-abasement,

And self-control, through Thy controlling might:

And as we list to every call of duty

May we do all as in Thy searching sight.


Then with the gift of holiness within us;

We not less human, but made more divine;

Our lives replete with heaven’s supernal beauty,

Ever declare that beauty, Lord, is Thine.


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