Tersteegen; Mrs. Bevan, Tr.

SOMETHING every heart is loving;

If not Jesus, none can rest:

Lord, my heart to Thee is given;

Take it, for it loves Thee best.


Thus I cast the world behind me;

Jesus most beloved shall be;

Beauteous more than all things beauteous,

He alone is joy to me.


Bright with all eternal radiance

Is the glory of Thy face;

Thou art loving, sweet, and tender,

Full of pity, full of grace.


When I hated,Thou didst love me,

Shedd’st for me Thy precious blood;

Still Thou lovest, lovest ever,

Shall I not love Thee, my God?


Keep my heart still faithful to Thee,

That my earthly life may be

But a shadow to that glory

Of my hidden life in thee.


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