L. M. Rouse

PRECIOUS Saviour, Thou hast saved me;

Thine, and only Thine, I am:

Oh, the cleansing blood hath reached me!

Glory, glory to the Lamb.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!

Glory, glory to the Lamb!

Oh, the cleansing blood has reached me!

Glory, glory to the Lamb!


Long my yearning heart was striving

To obtain this precious rest;

But, when all my struggles ended,

Simply trusting, I was blessed.


Trusting, trusting every moment;

Feeling now the blood applied;

Lying in the cleansing fountain,

Dwelling in my Saviour’s side.


Consecrated to Thy service,

I will live and die to Thee;

I will witness to Thy glory,

Of salvation, full and free.


Yes, I will stand up for Jesus,

He has sweetly saved my soul,

Cleansed my soul from sin’s corruption,

Sanctified, and made me whole.


Glory to the Lord who bought me,

Glory for His saving power;

Glory to the Lord who keeps me,

Glory, glory evermore!


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