F. R. Havergal

HOLY Father, Thou hast spoken

Words beyond our grasp of thought,

Words of grace and power unbroken,

With mysterious glory fraught.


Promise and command combining,

Doubt to chase and faith to lift,

Self renouncing, all resigning,

We would claim this mighty gift.


Take us, Lord, oh, take us truly,

Mind and soul, and heart and will!

Empty us and cleanse us throughly,

Then with all Thy fulness fill.


Lord, we ask it, hardly knowing

What this wondrous gift may be;

Yet fulfil to overflowing,

Thy great meaning let us see.


Make us in Thy royal palace

Vessels worthy for the King;

From Thy fulness fill our chalice

From Thy never-failing spring.


Father, by this blessed filling,

Dwell Thyself in us, we pray!

We are waiting, Thou art willing!

Fill us with Thyself today!


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