E. C. Hornburg

THOU Life of my life, blessed Jesus,

Thou death of the death that was mine,

For me was Thy cross and Thine anguish,

Thy love and Thy sorrow divine;

Thou suffered the cross and the torment,

That I might forever go free.

A thousand, a thousand thanksgivings,

I bring, blessed Saviour, to Thee!


For me Thou hast borne the reproaches,

The mockery, hate and disdain;

The blows and the spittings of sinners,

The scourging, the shame and the pain,

To save me from bondage and judgement,

Thou gladly hast suffered for me.


O Lord, from my heart I do thank Thee,

For all Thou hast borne in my room:

Thine agony, dying, unsolaced,

Alone in the darkness of doom,

That I, in the glory of heaven,

Forever and ever might be.


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