C. Wesley

WHEN Israel out of Egypt came,

And left the proud oppressor’s land,

Supported by the great I AM,

Safe in the hollow of His hand,

The Lord in Israel reigned alone,

And Judah was His favourite throne.


The sea beheld His power, and fled,

Disparted by the wondrous rod;

Jordan ran backward to its head,

And Sinai felt th’ incumbent God;

The mountains skipped like frightened rams,

The hills leaped after them as lambs.


What ailed thee, O thou trembling sea?

What horror turned the river back?

Was nature’s God displeased with thee?

And why should hills or mountains shake?

Ye mountains huge, that skipped like rams?

Ye hills, that leaped as frightened lambs?


Creation, governed by His hand,

Th’ Omnipotent Jehovah knows;

The sea is turned to solid land,

The rock into a fountain flows:

And all things, as they change, proclaim

The Lord eternally the same.


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