E. M. Grimes

In the Advent Light, O Saviour,

I am living day by day;

Waiting, working, watching ever,

Knowing Thou art on Thy way.


Separated unto Jesus,

Loosed from all the world beside;

Blinded by the advent glory,

Hour by hour would I abide.


So from glory unto glory,

Gladdened by the advent ray;

All the path is growing brighter,

Shining unto perfect day.


In the Advent Light to witness

To a dark and dying world;

This the holy ordination;

May His banner be unfurled.


In the Advent Light rejoicing;

Songs of praise along the road

Seem to make the journey shorter,

Mounting upward to our God.


He is coming! He is coming!

Pass the heavenly watchword on:

Go ye forth to meet the Bridegroom,

Hail! to God’s anointed Son.


See the advent glory breaking;

Faith will soon be lost in sight;

Face to face I shall behold Him,

Bathed in His eternal light.


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