Lady Carberry


GLORY to Thee, my God, this day,

For all the mercies on my way;

Glory to Thee for strength renewed,

For every thought by Thee imbued.


Be near me, Lord, when I am weak,

Be near, and let me hear Thee speak;

Restrain me, Lord, when I am strong,

For Thy name’s sake bear me along.


Hold Thou my hands that they may move

In work which Thou wouldst have me love;

Keep Thou my feet, cause them to run

In paths wherein Thy will is done.


Supply my need, be Thou my store,

My treasure and my boundless lore;

Teach me to use Thy gifts, Thy grace,

And ever see Thy holy Face.


Shine on me, Lord, that I may shine,

And walk with Thee in light divine;

Thy blessed cleansing be on me,

That all I do for Christ may be.


No longer mine but Thine to talk,

Or act, or think; so let me walk

From day to day, my God, with Thee,

That Christ be magnified in me.


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